Our Goals

Mission Statement:

Michigan Citizens for Justice provides support, encouragement and information that will be a positive tool for working together to reform the current laws and policies so that they will be fact-based and will not only promote public safety, but honor human dignity, and offer holistic prevention, healing, and restoration.

Our Goals:

  1. To reform sex offender laws, including the Sex Offender Registry.
  2. To educate the public on the realities of sex offender laws,
  3. To incorporate into laws empirically proven, risk assessment tools involving dynamic factors,
  4. To continue to grow our membership, so that we become the voice that needs to be heard,
  5. To become more active with our state legislature and leaders by letter writing, phone calls, emails and face-to-face meetings,
  6. To promote limiting Registry access to law enforcement agencies only,
  7. To support removal of residency restrictions.
  8. To support laws and legislation that prevent retroactive increases in registration requirements, restrictions, or punishment.
  9. To educate the general public with facts, reason, and statistics, thereby reducing fear and violence toward sexual offenders, and promoting supportive and trusting interaction.